8 Mar 2016

Art Deco Cafe Turns 100

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On Friday February 27th, the Friends of The Paragon Inc. Katoomba launched a crowdfunding project to fund a book about the strange and wonderful history of the Paragon Café.

There exists in the Blue Mountains town of Katoomba a place that has survived intact into the 21st century - a relic of another time, the Paragon Cafe is a rare window into our nations migrant history.

This year the Paragon will turn 100, and to celebrate we are aiming to publish a book about this fascinating place and the people who were there  from a fifteen-year-old Zac Simos arriving in Australia in 1912 to the present day, where this iconic building faces an uncertain future.

Greek cafes in Australian cities and towns represent a significant part of our heritage and the Paragon Cafe remains virtually unchanged since 1916. Two magnificent Art Deco rooms were added on in the 1930s, created by G.M. Kenworthy, a protege of Henry White, creator of the State and Capitol Theatres in Sydney. The building was recently listed on the N.S.W. Heritage Register, however this does not guarantee its continued survival.

So be a part of history! Help us bring this great story to the wider public, and preserve and restore this magnificent building!

Blue Mountains Association of Cultural Heritage Organisations
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